The Web of the Abyss is on Kindle Scout

The Web of the Abyss, Five Worlds in the Abyss Book 2, just hit Kindle Scout.

As before, you can read the excerpt on the Kindle Scout page, or download it in a Kindle friendly version. In Book 2:

When Huiln must persuade the elven High Tzhurarkh to side against the dryad despot Inglefras, he uncovers many byzantine coups, each swallowing the other like nesting dolls. Huiln wears many hats in his journey to the Elven World: confidant, military advisor, madman…battering ram. Though the conspirators have it in for him, his allies are scarier: the Lovecraftian elves, the turncoat sorceress, his flip-flopping, homicidal blood brother, and the Spider-God.

Some non-spoilery information about The Web of the Abyss and how it relates to the series follows:

As Book 1, Part One was from the perspective of Khyte, and Book 1, Part Two was from the perspective of the giant sorceress Eurilda, Book 2 is from the perspective of Huiln the goblin. Which is not to say that Khyte and Eurilda aren’t featured heavily in this novel, though Eurilda reverts to her antagonistic role, rather than the antiprotagonist I made of her in Part Two. (Everyone is a hero in their own mind.)

Each section of Five Worlds in the Abyss details one of the Worlds. In the Abyss Part One, A Tree in the Abyss, is mainly set on Nahure, the Goblin World; Part Two, The Oasis of the Abyss, is mainly set on Ielnarona, the Dryad World; and, The Web of the Abyss is entirely set on Alfyria, the Elven World. Not that these are Tolkien elves or Elfquest elves. In the blurb, I describe them as Lovecraftian elves due to their weird architecture and alien outlook. While Khyte was at home on the Goblin World, and Eurilda was an unwanted guest on the Dryad World, Huiln is out of his element in every way on the Elven World.

If you missed the news, Amazon is closing Kindle ScoutThe Web of the Abyss is among the last round of novels going through that platform.

As before, your nominations are appreciated.


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